Types Of Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment

Types Of Coil Handling Equipment

Coil handling equipment is the most important part of any lathe machine. Its work plays an important role in the production of many machines: lathe cutters, stamping presses, turning devices, drilling bits, and so on. Also, it presents the most complicated problems, as it has to handle both hot and cold work conditions. It is thus very important to select the appropriate coil handling equipment for a particular lathe.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the working of such a machine, before choosing the right coil handling unit. The main tasks of such a machine are cutting, seating, positioning, and feeding. In addition, it needs to perform all these tasks safely, without damaging its own parts or others. A properly designed and built machine should be able to support all the necessary activities safely. Based on the material and applications, different types of coil handling equipment are available:

The most important category is the motorized ones. The basic advantage of these is their wide range of applications. They are suitable for cutting, seating, positioning, and even for feeding. Of course, they require manual power. Also, they are highly flexible, which allows the machine to be operated with a maximum of comfort and safety.

The next category is the standard features of such equipment. These include safety features and high level of performance. In fact, they have various standard features, like non-magnetic system, automatic safety belts, lightweight construction, integrated cooling systems, custom designed wheels and much more. Most of the coil handling equipment in this category has all these standard features, which are vital for providing safe and secure working conditions.

Thirdly, you have the special features of such machines. Such coil handling equipment can have a wide range of features. One of them is Feed length selection. It controls the feeding process of the machine, whether the material is pumped in through a fixed or movable plate. Feed length selection greatly increases the speed and efficiency of the process.

Finally, there is the hydraulic press technology. It is ideal for applications, where the process can be done by using either a standard type of press or a special type of press, which uses high-performance stamped sheet metals. This is one of the main categories of Coil handling equipment, which provides safe and secure working conditions for the workers.

Fourthly, you have the variable speed loop controls, which control the speed and force applied on the electric hoist or the electric overhead crane. They increase the safety level of the operator, while reducing the operation costs. The variable speed loop controls are usually used in industries, where the maximum speed of the electric hoist or the overhead crane is needed, and then a reduction in either power input or in the operating costs ensues.

Lastly, we have the wire rope electric hoists or the electric boom truck coil handling equipment, which are both used for lifting and transporting heavy pieces of wire. Both of them ensure a safe and secure working condition for the wire rope operators and the production line technicians. The wire rope boom truck coil cradles are used for taking heavy electrical cable, which requires strong and heavy wire rope coils. Thus, from above, it is evident that different types of equipments for coil handling are available in the market, which ensure a safe and efficient working condition for the operators.