Decoiler Straightener Feeder

If you’re looking to purchase a straightener that can handle both metal and ceramic heating elements, then the Decoiler Straightener and Feeder combo is for you. This unit has all the benefits of straighteners like the Decoiler Straightener and Feeder combo, including the same professional quality performance that it’s been known for. With the same dual-action heating elements as other straighteners, this product is designed to give you professional results.

Straightener Feeder

NC Servo Feeder and Decoiler Straightener Feeder 2 in 1 machine coil handling equipment especially designed for Power Press. Both types of machine heating elements are perfect for different types of projects, including stamping, drilling, die cutting and bending. They offer high process reliability for even the most demanding metallic materials, while delivering exceptional performance. The professional quality control and exceptional performance make it the first choice of power presses.

These two cradles offer the same dual-action heating elements used by other types of professional straighteners, which makes it possible for you to use it anywhere. If your machine or welding shop has limited working space, the NC Servo provides the ability to easily handle large processes with its adjustable heating coil handle. It has been specifically designed to work with heavy-duty equipment, including forged steel and aluminum forging cradles. This ensures you get professional, safe heating for your equipment.

The Decoiler Straightener Feeder 2 in 1 machine coil handling equipment has been specially designed to be compatible with power presses. It has the ability to handle both hot and cold rolls and also has preloaded hole guides for stamped components. A unique feature that is not found on other straightener feeder machines is the Decoiler’s self-cleaning, self-jamming and coated exterior parts. The coated exterior component helps provide better lubrication, preventing buildup of deposits on the rollers and bearings.

The Straightener Feeder 2 in 1 unit features two variable speeds die casting engines that are capable of operating at full capacity for a long period of time. It operates on variable voltage for smooth start-up. The high-speed die casting engine has excellent machinability and superb material thickness and can handle heavy alloy materials such as forged steel and aluminum forging cradles. It also features a two-stage die cooling system, high-energy per pound rating and a patented self-cleaning, self-jamming, and coated aluminum oxide coating system. The die cooling system helps maintain the ideal temperature for effective performance, and the two-stage die cooling system allows for faster cooling of die cast parts than other types of feeders.

A unique aspect about this type of feeder machine is that it has excellent material handling capability because the self-cleaning and self-jamming feature allows the machine to run continuously at a high yield strength level. It can also handle high wear resistance, which makes it suitable for use in applications where high wear and tear is expected. This high-performance Straightener Feeder also offers users the ability to choose between a manual or automatic process load control. The decoder straightener feeder has many advantages over competing types of feeders and is ideal for manufacturing applications where high-tension is a significant factor.