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Coil Upenders

Coil handling equipment is one of the most indispensable components in the industrial process. It includes different types of related equipment and tools used in the manufacture of finished products by turning rollers, machinery, cutting tools etc. at various velocities. In addition to this, it is essential for lubrication, cooling and other mechanical processes. There are various types of Coil Handling Equipment that are available in the market for effective work environment.

A coil handling equipment mainly stores, loads, aligns, places, feeds materials of different sizes and shapes to the press manufacturing line. Depending upon the required product specifications and needs of the manufacturing line, this equipment may comprise single or integrated coil changers, wire feeders, coil raising/lowering machines, wire reels, wire feeders, adjustable or fixed height vertical reels, automated wire changing equipment, wire shears, wire strippers, wire crimpers, cutting tools, cutters, saws, grinders, and more. The above mentioned equipment are essential in the industry for various industries. For example, there are industries where short runs are very vital, such as automobile manufacturers, steel producers, paper manufacturers, chemical producing, rubber producers, machine builders, and plastic manufacturers. In these cases, it becomes important to make sure that the equipment used is flexible in size and flexibility is attained by utilizing the right type of equipment for each type of job.

Some of the best coil handling equipment are – electric coil cradles (flat top), wire feed openers, wire strippers, and coin crimpers. The main advantages of using these various equipments are – automation, better quality, reduced cycle times, better flexibility, compactness, flexibility, and more. Electric coil cradles are ideal for liquid processing, chemical specification, power handling, and dry coating applications. Wire feed upenders are used to process all types of materials like aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, brass, bronze, nickel alloy, and more.

Another type of wire handling equipment is – steel coils. Steel coils are used to set up coils on flat or curved shape. These coils are then welded together to form a more complicated shape like plates, tubes, or pipes. This type of coil handling equipment is usually used for large diameter pipe welding and TIG welding applications. In TIG welding, the coil is fed with welding rods, but in flat top welder, the steel coil is fed by the workers.

One other type of coil upender is – threaded steel coils. This kind of upender is generally available in two kinds – threaded one end and non-threaded (Nylon end) one end. Threaded steel coils are used to handle flat coil shapes like round and rectangular. Non-threaded steel coils are generally used to handle non-round, square, and octagonal shape metals. The main advantage of non-threaded coil lenders is that it requires less maintenance and can be easily molded.

The last type of coil upender is – paper rolls welding equipment. This kind of welding equipment facilitates welding of paper rolls. However, in this case the paper rolls are heated prior to welding them and are not rolled up during welding process. The welding equipment facilitates coiling and unwinding of paper rolls as well.