CNC Silhouette Stamping Machine

Decoiler Machine

CNC Silhouette Stamping Machine

The Decoiler Machine is a line of equipment used for processing, tempering, cross- cutting and stabilizing of cold rolled carbon steel coils. Suitable for most metalworking applications, household products, construction materials and many others. The machine is made up of a cold forming press, a work platform (stamp press), an adjustable liner which is held in place by clamping systems and a cutting head fitted with a mandrel. The machine can be adjusted to cut at various Temperaments which include; 0 degree, 45 degree, 72 degree and 98 degree. Some models come with a programmable variable speed controller, which allows the operator to set the speed of the running rollers independently.

There are different types of Dec spoiler machines available for different applications. Some of them are built around a unique feature of the machine such as automatic loading capacity change and even preload function for the best performance from every coil. However, the most important feature of the Dec spoiler machines is their ability to produce an amazingly tight cut along the entire production line. It allows for superb quality, consistent results and excellent service. This is because the entire coil is loaded exactly where it is supposed to be, therefore achieving the tightest cuts possible and the most accurate finishing.

Most of the Dec spoiler machines are designed for standard CNC loading capacity machines but depending on the model, there are some exceptions such as those suitable for low pressure injection or high-pressure air. There is no reason why you should not purchase a decoder machine based on your specific needs and applications, the only thing to consider before going forward is the type of coil handling machines that will be installed. The main categories are discussed below:

Decoiling: The process of heating the material using a coating of abrasive material to form a smooth surface is known as decoiling. In case the CNC machinery is a CNC machine, then this can also be called as coiling. The process is a complex one and this requires precise control over speed, temperature and other factors. It is used in case of CNC loading capacity and precision stamping line work where accuracy is of utmost importance. This is a vital step in every manufacturing process and should be left in the hands of the professionals to ensure flawless execution.

Coiling: The process of putting the metal coil sheet on to a metal frame is known as coating. It also involves the application of a thin layer of coating to prevent corrosion during the life time of the machine. This enables the machine to work smoothly even when faced with high temperatures or sharp objects. When purchasing a decoiling machine, make sure that the coating comes separately as there are many products out there which come together as a kit and do not provide any real benefit to the buyer.

Shaping: The CNC machinery uses large hydraulic cylinders which are driven by an electric motor to rotate the cylinder at high speeds. This leads to the formation of long thin horizontal strips or sheets of sheet metal. Shaping is of utmost importance when it comes to stamping. This is known as deburring and in many cases even needs the help of professional machines to shape the material properly. This is another aspect which should be purchased from a manufacturer who deals with CNC equipment. Also note that only a well-established company dealing with CNC machinery will be able to guarantee the quality of the machine and they will work closely with the customer to ensure that the machine is installed correctly.