An In Depth Look at Coil Upenders & Tenders

What is a Coil Upender or Coil Tiller? These devices prevent excessive coil damage by supplying an extra length of a strong contact rod underneath the coil to decrease contact pressure on the hot air stream as it passes through the coil. The result is increased airflow efficiency, which is typically improved air mileage, and minimized damage to your engine because of a decreased amount of wear and tear on the air filter. This type of maintenance can also be used on induction kits.

Coil Upender

When are coil upenders or trolleys needed? Your automotive mechanic can recommend a professional coil cleaner for your specific application. If you are experiencing an excessive amount of wear and tear on your alternator coils, it may be time to call a professional to see if a coil-spender or trolley is the best solution for your particular situation. You can often purchase these items directly from your dealer. If not, many local automotive shops carry these products in their repair and detailing arsenal.

Are you looking for the standard features of a upender or tender? The majority of coil upers and tender models are similar in basic design. Some added options include adjustable air release control, adjustable air lift, anti-microbial treatment for steel and aluminum, corrosion resistant stainless steel frame, and hand held pendant connections. Most tenders and tenders come standard with two handheld pendants, one standard and one compatible with each brand name of airlift pump.

What are the minimum coil tenders and tenders capabilities? The standards set forth by most industry associations dictate minimum coil upeners and tenders capabilities. The purpose of these minimum standards is to ensure that these machines are built to provide the safest and best performance while protecting the overall health and longevity of the consumer. These minimum standards are generally located on the packaging and manual that accompany these machines.

What is a hydraulic tender and tender? The difference between a hydraulic upender and a mechanical blender is that a hydraulic machine is designed to handle large pressure while maintaining a constant speed. A mechanical tender and tender is designed to work under low pressure. Many consumers are unaware that there are actually two different types of coil tenders and tenders – the first being a mechanical upender and the second being a hydraulic one.

Why should I buy a Coil Upender? With the current trends in the airsoft industry, more consumers than ever before are opting to purchase coil cars as opposed to gas powered versions. If you are someone who has never owned one of these machines before, the overall cost might seem a little bit too much to handle. However, if you are somebody who enjoys the overall performance of these machines and the standard features that go along with them, then you might find that the cost of owning one of these coil cars, well worth it.