Straightener Feeder Machine Features

Straightener Feeder

Straightener Feeder Machine Features

Decoiler Machine by BRIEF SERIES is a straightener feeder with high-performance features. It is used for different types of sheet metals like aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass etc. It is designed for the process of stamping or pressing of metal sheets in desired shape with or without plating. This feeder/stamp press machine is a combination of a Stamping machine & a Feed roller.

A straightener feeder machine is specially designed to create the thin metal plate of sheeting components with a minimum amount of heat exposure to the rollers. The traditional configuration: Coil feeding with Pull-down Coil decoupler, feed rollers, Servo-roll and variable-speed drive ideal for high-volume or sensitive manufacturing, short run, or precision stock. With time, new technologies and process improvements have emerged to provide improved services and performance. Below are some of them:

– Changing Coils / Size of Stamping Coil: While using the traditional straightening and stamping operations, the size of the coil feeding or decoupler was fixed, where as with the latest designs, it’s possible to change the size depending upon the requirements of the customer. The basic reason is to get the best value out of the money. Also, the quality of the output has also seen a drastic change with increased decoupler diameter and coil width.

– Integrated Digital Readout Displays: With advanced technology, a straightener feeder and decoiler straightener machine is electronically equipped with touch screen interface. It displays the feed rate, elapsed time, number of stages, voltage, temperature, current and other useful information. It can also be programmed to display data in any way you want, which can be stored on computer, printed or written on paper. If required, a virtual reality environment is also created to help users visualize the work they have done. This is the only way to ensure that your workers remain focused on their tasks.

– Self-Lubrication System: The self-lubrication system of the straightener feeder machine ensures smooth running and enhanced performance. A special type of self-lubricant is used in the feeders that prevents any leakage of lubricant while in use. This helps in minimizing the damage to the equipment caused due to leakage of lubricant. Apart from this, there is also a warning display that alerts you when the lubricant levels become low, which is very helpful in maintaining a regular servicing schedule. Apart from this, the internal computerized mapping system helps in selecting the best or worst bearing point for bearing and the capacity of the overall power supply is also calculated automatically with the help of this system.

The main reason why most of the straightener feeders fail to operate properly is often failure of the heating element. To overcome this problem, you must check that all the heating elements are working properly. The heating element usually consists of a heater core, coil and compressor. The heater core is responsible for heating the inner chamber of the feeder, while the coil is responsible for coiling and stretching the wire that makes up the inner coil of the straightener.