Hassle-Free Straightener Feeder

One of the easiest, safest, and most efficient ways to straighten and shape curly hair is to use a professional straightener. The AIDA Hair Straightener System is made by AID Biomedics, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional grade hair straighteners. The AIDA Hair Straightener System is designed to provide a permanent, straightening result with minimal damage to the hair, and it is designed for any type of hair. With the AIDA Hair Straightener System, you get more than just instant results; you get professional results that last.

Straightener Feeder

The AIDA Hair Straightener System is equipped with two separate heat units, each with their own temperature control. To prevent overheating, the separate heat units are housed in specially designed air-cooled containers. For maximum power output and for maximum safety, the Aida straightener feeds each ceramic plate separately. This ensures that each plate gets the proper heating necessary to seal in moisture and promote straightening. The Aida Hair Straightener System has an unprecedented safety feature – it has a built-in, 360-degree swivel cord that prevents the hair from being pulled taut while the straightener runs. The Aida Hair Straightener System also includes a helpful instructional booklet, a warranty card, and its unique heat setting dial.

Another popular choice in professional straightener feeders is the Aida Uncoiler. The Aida Coiler has an amazing eight heating options including the Auto Hot Water option. It uses a hand crank heat option for all its eight heating elements. This feature provides users with several pre-programmed heat settings that are customized according to a user’s needs. The eight primary heat settings are: Normal, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink, and White. With the Auto Hot Water option, the uncoiled metal tube holds the heated water directly inside the hair cuticle, facilitating thorough and safe hair dyeing.

The spoller straightener feeder consists of three parts: the hand crank, which contains an adjustable screw; the housing, which holds the coil; and the spout, which channels the water into the hair. To avoid water from seeping out of the coil, it has a rubber seal. To direct the water flow into the hair, there is also a cover plate on the housing. This plate also prevents the water from freezing in place. The feeder also comes with a helpful instructional booklet that offers helpful tips and tricks on how to use the coiled-metal tube and its accessories.

A more compact model is the Aida Hair Straightener/Uncoil Set, which features an incredibly practical styling tool. With its compact size, it can fit into any pocket or purse, so it can be taken anywhere. With the uncoiled metallic tube and heat-sensitive heating plate, it allows the user to straighten, curl, wave or otherwise perm curl his or her hair without fear of damaging it. Even the heating coil is covered with a heat-resistant shield, giving the unit extra protection from damaging damage from contact with objects or the environment. Using this unit is as easy as placing your hands over it, pressing the red button, and then letting the unit do its work.

Aida’s Hair Straightener/Uncoil Sets also has an added advantage. Users can combine it with their existing comb or other straightener tools for convenience and efficiency. Some users prefer to let their Hair Straightener feed straight through the comb first and then use the unit on their own hair, since it is much easier to do this. However, if you prefer to let the comb do the straightening job, then Aida’s comb-feeding set is perfect for you. Combining the unit with your existing straighteners saves you money, time and effort, and makes straightening your own hair extremely convenient.