Features of Dec Spoiler Machine

Decoiler Machine

Features of Dec Spoiler Machine

Decoiler Machine is a very popular type of machine that can handle various materials and even works on a variety of sizes. However, there are also some limitations. It cannot work on very small or large areas. If you want to work with some applications that require little or large area, this machine is not the best choice. Below mentioned are some factors that should be considered before buying this machine.

In fact, decoder machine only has limitation to stamping objects with rotary motion. Other parameters that you have to consider is the max. coil loading capacity and the Max. material thickness.

The construction of the unit is also important factor that you have to check. It means, the quality construction and materials used in the construction. The functions and features of the unit also determine the quality of the product. A good example for this is the sheet leveling rotary vane that comes with the decoder machine. It has high quality construction and materials that allow the rotating blades of the machine to cut through the sheet easily. This feature helps you do medium plate leveling operation easily and smoothly.

The other important factor is the quality of the wire feeding machine that comes along with decoder machine. The rotary head of this machine is made from high quality alloy steel and the housing and other parts are made with aluminum and chrome. This ensures smooth operation and performance of the machine. It also has built in anti-ultraviolet ray protection which protects the machine from damage and deterioration due to ultraviolet rays.

You can check other features like motorized rotation and feed rates of the unit. There are some decoiling machines that have low or no motorization at all, but still you can get benefits of motorized operation if your needs are huge. So, you have plenty of choices when it comes to decoiling and coil car feed rate.

Most of these machines have limited loading capacity, but there are also some that has unlimited loading capacity for your needs. Before you decide to buy, it is better for you to check the actual loading capacity that comes along with the model. When it comes to this, it is better to buy those decoiler machines that have larger loading capacity than the one that has limited loading capacity.

The other great feature of decoiler machines is their ability to do both wet and dry stamping. However, not all types of decoders are able to perform wet and dry functions. Some of these products only have wet ink, which means that they only dry once the needle reaches the width of the coil. These types of decoders require you to manually push the button and push down on the plunger to spray the ink into the decoiler. These are manual deco─čan machines so you have to manually control the spray amount and you cannot automate it.

The other decyright is about the leveling of the coil. The level of the coil will be determined depending on the thickness of the tapered roller. Some types of uncoiler are not able to perform the automatic and controlled leveling. So, it is really important for you to check out the features of every model you are going to buy.