Coil Handling Equipment – Wide Reels

Coil handling equipment assists in the assembly process of various types of manufacturing equipment. The term “Coil Handling” typically describes any of a variety of equipment that assists in the handling, positioning and control of different type coils. The most common equipment used for this purpose are: wire and cable handling equipment, wire feeds, wire stretchers, wire shears, wire feeders and coil pullers. This list illustrates the complete range of equipment available to service the manufacturing and assembly process.

Coil Handling Equipment

A vertical coil handling system places, loads, holds and feeds material of different sizes and densities to the assembly of a vertical press assembly line. Depending on the particular product specifications and requirements of the assembly line, this equipment may include vertical feeders, vertical coil supports, wire shears, wire feeders and feed / wrap upers. These products are usually made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, brass and chrome. Coil support systems are made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, brass, chrome and steel. They can be custom built to meet specifications.

An air handling or air feed system is used in the manufacturing of both small and large scale products such as capsules, cans, bottles, pouches, cans and other containers. Coil air feeds enable manufacturers to manufacture and manage an extensive range of products. For example, large scale cap and capsule manufacturers often have a dedicated air handling feed line featuring vertical air feeds. Small scale manufacturers may use standard vertical feed air handling equipment if it is not necessary to provide vertical feeding capabilities.

In the manufacture of electrical components like motors, drive units, switches, fuses and wires, the demand for flexible widths is very high. Standard industrial wide coils are insufficient for manufacturing some specialty components. Some of these specialty components require the ability to be manufactured and customized to a very narrow width. Flexible widths play an important role in the manufacture of many different types of electrical component parts including fan belts, blade tools, blade pulley systems and many others. Customized widths are required to handle a wide variety of materials and to reduce material handling costs.

The process of manufacturing coils involves a number of steps. First, the coil handling equipment is loaded into a transportable holding area, where it is supported by a rack. A variety of transportation methods may be used. This includes use of specially designed crane type trucks, hand pallet trucks, stand-up pallets, belt-driven forklift trucks, double drop down pallet trucks and multistage multi-level (DM) pole and slide trucks.

To manufacture the narrow width coils, various parameters must be considered. These include material type, shape, size, and feeding rates. Feed rates refers to the rate of rotation of any single or multiple parallel reels that are needed to manufacture the required widths.