What Are the Standard Features of a Coil Upender?

Coil Upender

What Are the Standard Features of a Coil Upender?

Press boxes are an indispensable part of a construction site. Located on either side of a work area, the boxes must be sturdy and resistant to the corrosive effects of chemicals. A steel press box with steel walls and doors is a good choice. However, not all buildings are able to withstand the extreme forces a steel box can endure. In these cases, metal press boxes with galvanized steel walls and doors are used instead. These units are stronger than steel and offer better protection against corrosion and fire.

Press Boxes With Coil Upender Technology The coil upender system utilizes a heavy duty coil handling system to increase the overall pulling force of the press box. Press Boxes with coil upenders are designed to withstand high pulling forces, including the maximum weight capacities that are recommended for each type of project. These units are available in four different styles and each has a variety of applications. Available coil upender configurations include variable speed rollers, heavy duty coil handling, custom roller rollers, and universal rollers. Each style is designed for its application and its performance within its environment.

Coils with Variable Speed Rollers The variable speed coil handling roller system is one of the most innovative features available for coils. The increased speed allows for increased buildup rates, which in turn, increases production efficiency. The increased buildup rate is due to the uncoiling process. During the uncoiling process, the coil handle transfers energy through the spring, causing the coil to wrap around and compress the incoming roll.

Heavy Duty Coil Upender With Universal Coil Reel These straighteners have been specifically designed for the heavy duty industry. Their high tensile strength and universal designs provide the most efficient wrapping possible while still being able to perform well during demanding applications. The coil reel uses internal spools to feed large quantities of coils per pull.

Universal Coil Upender A universal coil handling upender has been designed to work with any feed system. It uses a standard upender body and optional upper feed rollers. It utilizes two removable wire rings as feed rollers. These coil upenders are available in two styles: mono-space and double-space. Mono-space lenders allow for single coil feeds to be handled at one time; however, there is a limitation as to how many individual coils can be handled at one time.

AC Variable Coil Upender The ac variable upender is an adaptable design that utilizes an adjustable speed motor to provide an efficient upholder for any application. The system works by allowing a reduction in constant resistance from a standard power supply to provide a variable amount of support for the motor and its accessories. The system allows the use of an optional motor safety control. One benefit to this adaptable design is that there is no need to change the power supply if it fails, which means an economical and safe way to handle large industrial coils.