The Essential Function Of Decoiler Machine

Decoiler Machine is one of the newest innovations in the printing industry that can change the concept of the printing industry entirely. This is because it is a standalone machine that can print high quality decals and labels without the help of any other machines like the rollers or the inkjet printers. The decal and label can be printed directly onto any surface or substrate without any interference. In addition to this feature, it also has an exceptional resolution and color display, perfect for long printing runs. Hence, it serves as an excellent alternative to inkjet printers, thermal printer, and even vinyl cutters in certain cases.

Decoiler Machine

Basically, decoder machine possesses few restrictions to stamping products. Only parameters that you have to consider is your maximum ink capacity and the coil stock width. In fact, both these specifications will have no effect on the overall performance of decoiler machine. However, you still need to take substrate into consideration when you select any other coil feeding machine, such as heat sink leveler…

Why is substrate important? It helps the machine to properly align the product with the heat source, which then ensures that you get the best possible results from your decoding task. Since heat sinking is used, you can easily increase the heat coming out from the printer head. As a result, the substrate gets very hot. Now, the metal coil can easily melt and stick to the surface of the substrate. This can be harmful to your decoding task.

However, the heat sink leveler feature can eliminate this problem. If the heat sink level is high enough, the metal coil material will be melted and stuck to the flat surface. And since the decoder has to go through the roll forming machine, the chances of poor cutting are almost eliminated. All these features together can make the Decoiler Machine a highly efficient tool in the printing industry.

There are some basic maintenance procedures that you must do for your machine in order to improve its output and make it work efficiently. One of these is to clean the machine by removing all the particles and rust from its interior parts. You should also check the heating system and the coil handling machines. Make sure that they are working smoothly and reliably.

The last maintenance procedure that you must perform on your decoder is to tune the machine. You have to make sure that the decoder output is within the desired limits. Otherwise, you can damage the machine rather than increasing its output. In short, all the functions of the decoder machine need to be well monitored in order to ensure better quality of output and more output at less cost.