The Benefits of Using AC Coil Straightener Lines

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The Benefits of Using AC Coil Straightener Lines

The coil straightener is perhaps the core of every electronic coil processing line: it compensates for any undesirable deformation of the thin metal strip during electroplating. The best coil straightener for the specific application defines the ideal parameters that define its quality and performance. When it comes to choosing a replacement coil, it pays to know the advantages of the design and function of the current production model.

A small flat plate coil straightener, which may be called a b3, is the most popular coil for use in the manufacture of conductive metals such as aluminum and copper. Its name came from the three copper strips on the flat top of the equipment – b,’3′ meaning the thickness and ‘o’ meaning the roll. They are used in large electrical generator sets to produce direct current (DC) into the power lines. The b3 is able to work with a range of different thicknesses and sizes that will suit all need.

Bending or twisting the ends of the AC electric wires is a vital part of the process which requires the b3 to maintain its excellent performance. To help them do this, the manufacturer provides two main features that are essential to help conductive materials bend correctly. The first feature is called center distance straightening rolls, also known as the CTS roll adjustment, and the other is known as bowing or twisting capability.

Center distance straightening rolls are an integral part of the process because they help to set the precise tolerance and radius to which the AC electrical current can be applied. The second feature is called the loss adjuster. This is essential because it helps to fine tune the coil so that it is able to deliver even currents when you remove coil set. The third important feature to look out for is accuracy in the setting of the turning radius of the AC current. If the coil straightener has an accurate setting, then the motor will be very smooth to operate and will be very precise when it comes to the turning radius.

Although the two features are usually the core of a good coil straightener, there are now a number of manufacturers who provide high quality coil straighteners which feature these features. The best way to ensure that you have a product that is highly accurate and offers high performance is to use only the best and highest quality AC electric wire that is made especially for use with these types of coils. A good example of this type of wire would be the heavy duty power straighteners that are produced by Wire Giant.

The rapid-air power straighteners that are produced by WGY are available in both single and dual coil designs. Dual-coil straighteners are ideal for applications requiring a larger number of AC power wires while the single-coil design is more suited for applications requiring less number of AC power wires. The quick-air AC electric coils are also available in both single and dual-coil designs, which make them suitable for AC application where high precision is required.