Coil Straighteners

coil straightener

Coil Straighteners

A coil straightener is simply a device used to straighten wires of thin wire within an electrical circuit without causing any damage to the wiring or to the metal conducting pieces of the wire. The tool uses a thin diamond blade to cut the wire and the insulation, heating it up between the opposing blades of the device. This heating causes the wire to be bent into a U-shape. The electrical current that the wire is carrying will be altered due to the amount of force that is applied to the wire.

The number one reason that people choose to use coil straighteners is for the ability to reduce the thickness of the wiring. Some manufacturers call their products “super thick” because they are able to create a larger diameter of metal than other tools that are available. A coil straightener is often considered to be a heavy duty power straighteners because of this capability to produce a large diameter. Power steels can produce a small diameter but are not recommended for use with many applications. If the wire is to be used in a situation where there is a great deal of strain on the wire, the manufacturer recommends a coil set that produces a larger diameter.

Another advantage that is produced by the coil straightener when compared to other tools is the ability to create a more accurate angle when cutting. This additional precision will help to eliminate the need for numerous passes over a piece of metal in order to generate a similar shaped cut. The additional ability to create an accurate angle also reduces the amount of heat that is generated during the actual process of cutting. The increased accuracy of the cut allows the wire to be thinner while providing the same diameter of conductor that was originally used.

The most common power supply that is used in a coil straightener comes with the ability to provide either complete or partial center distance. The partial center distance allows for the full utilization of the coil while the full center distance allows for the elimination of a portion of the coil when the tool is not in use. Many times it is necessary to create a smaller center than the full size required in order to get the perfect diameter that will provide the exact circle that is desired. The full center distance provides a center distance that is much less than the center distance of the partial center. The use of a coil straightener combined with center distance controls allows the user to specify a small center to reduce the amount of heat created during the process.

There are three different types of standard rotary coil straighteners available. The first is a bended spring bended wire that can handle a greater amount of heat. The second is the bended spring wire bonded to a spring form and is capable of handling more heat. The third is the bended wire bended in a spring form and uses a much smaller coil than the bended spring form.

The other style of coil straightener available is the variable speed type. The variable speed is capable of providing variable speeds in order to provide a consistent and uniform result to the work piece being straightened. When using a variable speed straightener it is always important to keep an eye on the speeds and to watch for the end of the heating element because it can cause a build up of heat. Some of the variable speed straighteners available are the Waddington Precision Stock Straighteners, the Dual Heat version 2, and the Versa Floortek 2. No matter what your needs, there is a straightening coil that will meet them.